Wedding in Canaves Oia: A Fairy-Tale Comes True

  • September 30, 2013
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On the island of the most stunning sunset, you are now offered the most superb sunrise of your new life. Canaves Oia, the luxury hotel in Santorini, at the carved volcanic cliffside of the island, makes the “They lived happily ever after” cliché a reality not to ever forget.

Canaves Oia Hotel has prepared some wedding packages for your romantic ceremony which suit both everyone’s preferences and dreams. Let alone the view as well as the aura of the surroundings the hotel has, the exceptional facilities and the oia luxury suites make for a realized fairy-tale.

The “Romance” Wedding package is for those who prefer elegant simplicity. The “Experience” Wedding package is destined for those who expect their unique moment to be as a scene of a movie. The “Vinsanto” Wedding package is planned for those who want their fairy-tale dream come true. All the packages are designed in great detail (2 to 5 persons included), hence Canaves Oia Hotel is to take care of the “bureaucracy” a wedding calls for.


As soon as you provide us the required papers, we then arrange all the wedding details step by step on behalf of you. Of course, there are additional services for your special moment; you just need to name them, and we’ve got them for you.

Indeed, you are to live happily ever after, whereas you are to live happily the very experience of your wedding.


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