The Village of Oia

  • 5月 24, 2016
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A masterpiece of Cycladic finesse and architecture, Oia, is the most famous of all villages in Santorini with small cobble stone and marbled alleys and enchanting sunsets. Discover Oia at Canaves luxury boutique hotel!
oia santoriniSituated on top of an impressive cliff on the north side of the island offers a spectacular view over the volcano and the island of Thirassia. Adored by everyone Oia seduces travelers with her picturesque “kapetanospita” used to be the ship owners’ houses, chapels and “yposkafa” arched houses sculpted on the rocks, without foundations but with big depth. There are almost 600 blue domed churches in Santorini, 79 of them placed in Oia and most of them dedicated to Virgin Mary. It is not always open and if closed, it is still lovely to sit in the square and marvel at the architecture. It is simply beautiful with magnificent chandeliers and paintings on the ceiling of the Dome. A very peaceful and serene atmosphere…

oia boat churchesDirecting to the North West, one reaches a plain known as Baxedes were the habitants of Oia used to grow dry fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, split peas, carrots, lettuces, small melons and water melons. The fact that they are not watered makes these vegetables sweet and really delicious. On the other side of the Baxedes there is a beach with the same name covered by black volcanic sand. Visitors can enjoy swimming in a silent place as it is not very crowdy yet preferred by families with young children thanks to its sandy bottom and coast. Amoudi Beach is one of the most charming Santorini Beaches, with clean, clear waters, a small harbour and several quaint fish taverns and cafes. The well-known Armeni beach has a view to Thirassia and clear blue deep water. It is a rocky beach located a few meters to the south of Ammoudi beach. It can be accessed by boat or through 286 steps which begin at the marble street of Oia village. Do not worry! You may always get a donkey taxi.

Ammoudi-BayThe sunset in Oia is not only something what you can enjoy and “feed” your eyes but also it is a great show. The best place to see the sunset is the end of the village which is also the end of the island. You may observe the sunset from the ruins of the castle or just stand or sit on the steps. In the second case, apart from the caldera view, they also face the sunset as the sun is diving in the sea behind Thirasia. However, in both cases the sunset view is spectacular. The sky is painted in dusty purple colours during the evening and when the sun will finally set you will hear people clapping. You feel like in a theatre on a show.

Oia Sunset 2

With just one glance, you can see why Oia appeals to so many travelers. Perched on cliffs above the sea, it is the romantic blue-and-white Greek town that is well known all over the world.

Definitely the crown jewel of Santorini!