The captivating charm of Fira village

fira canaves
A stroll around Caldera is never enough. A glance to the sunset is as least as a dipping your finger in the honey jar. Fira Village has climbed so up high that its beauty is fabled worldwide!


It all began thousand years ago, when the fury of Strogili, the volcanic isle, caused one of the most violent eruptions in history. Well, this rampage created one of the most amazing islands globally! Santorini, entered the world of existence as a wreckage of an ancient eruption. Fira Village and its renown Caldera, is another outgrowth of the volcanic eruption, which offers breathtaking view to the “core of destruction”, Nea and Palia Kammeni volcanic islets.

Situated 260 meters above the sea level, Fira is at the top of Santorini, literally and figuratively speaking. Visitors can reach the top either by ascending 588 steps from the small beach, the cable car or the most traditional way, donkey riding!
Savvy travellers, set off your luxury hotel in Santorini and spend a day among luxury restaurants and numerous cafes, small shopping gems and heavenly resorts, storytelling museums and relics of the past, all scattered around the narrow pebbly alleys of the village. The sunset in Fira is the highlight of the day, not to be missed!