Santorini’s Explosions

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The explosion of Santorini’s volcano was one of the largest volcanic events in the world in recorded history. After the eruption, the Minoan settlement of Akrotiri was devastated, Xia dynasty of China collapsed through unexplainable weather conditions and Egypt witnessed a general disorder. It appeared that Santorini has vanished like the Atlantis…but Santorini mystically rose from its ashes creating the most wonderful explosions ever felt.

Explosions of gustatory delights from the Greek and Mediterranean gastronomy

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Explosions of flavours through enlivening wine tasting journeys

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Explosions of adrenaline on thrilling yachting excursions

yachting in santorini

Explosions of senses with seductive spa therapies and treatments

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Explosions of authenticity and tradition with donkey rides and island explorations

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As soon as your settle just plunge into the pool, watch the mesmerizing sunset illuminating the Caldera and the Aegean dressed in the gloom of dusk.

Do you feel the explosion?