Santorini’s Year of Gastronomy 2013

5 star hotel oiaFrom the depths of the volcanic soil to the sprawling vineyards and the fragrant fields bursting with fruits and vegetables, Santorini has every reason to celebrate gastronomy.

2013 has been proclaimed as the Year of Gastronomy in Santorini so get ready to witness the most deliciously colourful gustatory festival!

Follow the culinary parade of famous Santorinian grape varieties such as Assyrtiko, Aidani, Athiri and Nychteri. Enrich your colour palette with flavoursome cherry tomatoes, white aubergine, Santorini’s capers, split peas puree, chlorotyri cheese and apochti meat.

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Luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, traditional taverns and local producers are all in swing to the rhythms of gastronomy.

Canaves Oia luxury hotel in Santorini welcomes guests to enjoy, taste and experience the essence of Santorini while nuzzling in a luxury suite overlooking the volcanic Caldera and the shimmering sea. Great wine tasting sessions, special menus, freshly prepared breakfasts with quality local products are sure to elevate the senses and let Santorini’s magical aura become part of everyday life.

Gastronomic events with historic and artistic themes organized by the municipality of Thira, turn the culinary compass to destinations of unique flavours. The Canaves Oia 5 star hotel in Santorini offers the perfect base to set off on this thrilling adventure.

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In the island of Santorini gastronomy is no longer a science, the art and culture of cooking but an experience one must live to comprehend.

Welcome to Canaves Oia and the culinary world of Santorini!

Photo Credits: 2013 Year of Gastronomy Santorini