Santorini in Lyrics

  • December 23, 2013
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Santorini_island(Source: Pinterest, Creg Herriman)

The majesty, the beauty, the dramatic essence of Santorini can only be captured in the fairy spirit of poems. Through lyrics and novels this majesty unfolds allowing anyone to feel the unfelt and experience the inexperienced. Let’s discover the spell-bounding island of Santorini through the eyes of some of the greatest Greek poets and novelists of all times.

Through battles of legacies, legends and traditions, Santorini has acquired an inimitable character, a unique personality that cannot be matched, compared or even explained granting its habitants an intriguing instinct to seize and hold its grandeur.

“I reflect upon this harmony, the wise instinct that first bloomed in the hearts of simple island craftsmen to become tradition and legacy, bequeathed from generation to generation. How their buildings are all in the measure of man. Here, the human instinct has subdued nature, the wild form created by the volcano, the sinking of half the island to the seabed.” (by Elias Venezis)

As a hallmark signalling the beginning and end of the infinite, Santorini welcomes its guests to the depths of its pasts, inviting them to seek the unexpected and witness the divine.

“With fire, lava, smoke, with words that elicit the infinite. You were the first to leap forth into the world. Born in porphyry, sea-begotten!” (Ode to Santorini by Nobel Prize winner Odysseas Elytis)

Prepare to set sail in the everlasting azure of the sea and explore the wondrous secrets of the sunken Atlantis.

“Let your hands go traveling if you can here on time’s curve with the ship that touched the horizon.” (The Naked Child by George Seferis)

Santorini_history(Source: Pinterest, Mary Frydenberg)

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“Santorini is and remains magical –a fairy that enchants you, softening and forever holding you captive with her charms… “ (by Marios Ploritis)

May your life be filled with magical moments in the fairylands of your dreams!