Quest for the Atlantis

  • December 13, 2013
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Santorini-Volcano( Source: Pinterest, Tifanie Tiberio )

You have heard the myth, you have read the stories but you are still not certain about the actual location of the Atlantis. What if the Atlantis was never real, what if it was indeed invented by Plato? But what inspired Plato to come up with such story? Maybe something significant, some extraordinary event that was worth expanding on, a geological wonder such as the eruption of Santorini in 1640 BC.

Existing archaeological findings in Thera clearly prove the existence of a flourishing community, a community of wealthy people with mighty powers. According to the story, the Atlantians used their power to cause the disruption of the known world, challenging the Gods to punish them for their behaviour. The Gods warned them but the Atlantians knew no mercy, so the Gods took things in their hands. In one day and one night, after severe weather conditions, the Atlantis was once and forever lost.

During excavations on the island of Santorini and Thera no human remains were found, proving once again that the inhabitants were warned to leave the island before the eruption.


 ( Source: Pinterest, Claudia Achternaan )

True or false, it is now the time to see for yourself. Embark on a quest for the Atlantis to the island of Santorini and seek the evidence that supports the story. Seek the luxury that the island is well known for since antiquity and dive into the mythical past.

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The spellbinding ambiance of Santorini allows you to live a myth of your own. Maybe the Atlantis was never meant to be found. Maybe a new myth awaits you!

Santorini_island( Source: Pinterest, Angie Karefylakis )