Our concierge suggests: Private yachting with Iguana Speed Boat

canaves featuredExperience collectors, enter a truly inspiring adventure and unveil the wonders of Santorini from a different perspective, on a private excursion on board Iguana speed boat.

Iguana is a luxury speed boat of sheer beauty and style, offered by Canaves Oia Luxury Hotel in Santorini, for boat trips and short cruises. Embark on your blue sea adventure, to explore the breathtaking volcano, the secluded beaches of Santorini and the nearby islands.

caldera view

While on board, travellers can unwind and sunbathe under the sun kissed sky of Santorini. With some simple adjusting, the smart seats on the boat’s exteriors can be transformed into a lounging area. If it is too warm, escape the sun at the relaxing sitting area on the interiors.

The luxury Iguana speed boat is an ideal choice for short boat excursions within the Caldera or island hopping cruises in the neighbouring Greek islands