Our concierge suggests: Private Catamaran Sailing

canaves oia catamaran
Romantic adventurers, embark on a blue sea experience inspired from your five star hotel Santorini and discover the hidden treasures of the island while unwinding in luxury at your private Catamaran boat.


Nestled in the miraculous Santorinian scenery, the luxury Canaves Oia hotel in Santorini Island invites its elite clientele to explore the wonders of this heavenly island of the Cyclades through a fine selection of boat excursions in Santorini all offering a different sailing experience for everyone to enjoy.

Boat excursions around the awe-inspiring Caldera and cruise excursions in luxury sailing yachts to the nearby Greek islands can be arranged by the hotel’s concierge in order to enhance the Canaves sailing experience.


In collaboration with Sunset Oia Yacht rentals, Canaves Oia in Santorini Island welcomes travelers to embark on a sailing tour in Santorini or on private boat excursions and discover the hidden treasures of this island marvel while unwinding in the comfort and privacy of their own sailing boat or in the arms of luxury in private sailing yachts, ideal for romantic sunset sailing excursions.