Oia, Santorini: Elegance & Tranquility All Year Round

  • November 25, 2013
  • News


When people think about Greece, they always picture a summer paradise where sea becomes a caring hug and sun turns into a shimmering star that falls for the sake of our loving times. Fair enough! This is actually the precise image one may face when visiting Greece.

Christmas holidays are nevertheless a wonderful opportunity for those who long for spending some quality time with the beloved ones. Greece is a place where the winter is mostly smooth and the colors still alive, a place where tranquility blends with the tenacious beauty. For those who seek peacefulness and who imagine their winter vacations as a great chance to feel the serene essence of the soothing aura, Greece might appear their ultimate destination for the upcoming Christmas.

Christmas is here!

However, Christmas on a Greek island, especially in one of Cyclades complex, is not far away from that picture. The mild winter is like a lovely touch on our skin and sea becomes the charming extension of our view. Santorini is the epitome of the aforementioned.

No matter where you will travel for Christmas and New Year’s, you will nonetheless enjoy the traditional way of celebrating the happiest holiday of the year. Kids walking around singing traditional carols, people preparing food with local recipes, visitors joining the joy of the feast are only some of the delightful pieces of the pleasing puzzle you will delight in.

Summer is approaching!

But summertime is approaching quicker than we think – especially in Greece! Oia, Santorini will be waiting for you! Canaves Oia Hotel, one of the best luxury hotels in Santorini, with a majestic view of Caldera, located in a scenic spot where elegance meets serenity, with some of the best luxury suites in Santorini will be at your indulgent disposal to pamper your special wishes and your extravagant needs.


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So, begin your year by turning the magic into reality! We are looking forward for another exceptional summer!