Fashion is Always Present in Santorini

Santorini_Oia(Source: Pinterest, Danielle)

Chic and minimal, like the very essence of Santorini, fashion lands again on the “secret” island of the Atlantis.

Due to its dramatic landscape, the awe-inspiring sceneries, the majestic color contrasts and the amorous feel, Santorini was chosen by Nikos Apostolopoulos as the perfect setting for his new Summer Campaign for 2014.

Against the azure backdrop of the Aegean, Nektarios Kyrkopoulos, the main model of the photo shooting, was dressed in groom’s attire, in grey and blue nuances, similar to the sky and sea enveloping the island.

Following many successful fashion shows and photo shoots on the wondrous island of Santorini, this shooting was expected to be a hit.

The island of Santorini lends its flair to anyone that will visit. As soon as you step foot on this mythical island of the Cyclades, you already begin to feel the splendor.

Fashion is everywhere, in the clothes, the colors, the architecture, the volcanic landscape and the intriguing natural wonders you encounter.

You are invited to witness the wondrous works of nature, gaze at the scarlet sunset and immerse in sublime luxury.


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Fashion is an element in nature, discover it!