Dive into the Divine


Lose yourself in the volcanic stardust, in a place packed with history and geological splendour, explore the lava coloured beaches of Santorini and dive in the volcanic sea to search for the lost Atlantis…what you will discover is beyond imagination.

Kamari Beach


Unwind in the emerald waters and gaze at the impressive scenery adorned with the volcanic grey sand.

Red Beach


Marvel the illuminating reflection of the red lava cliffs cascading down to the sea.

Perissa Beach


Unwind in calm black stretches of sand while engulfed by the imposing volcanic rocks.

Vlychada Beach


Cast away to the white peace where tranquility echoes through the magnificent volcanic formations.

White Beach


Appreciate the distinctiveness of a rough diamond, crafted by nature itself.

Travel to the island of Atlantis, indulge in one of the finest luxury suites in Oia of Canaves 5 star hotel in Santorini and get ready to…dive into the divine!