A Night to Remember

honeymoon suite

You have done your research, you have heard stories, you’ve seen pictures of its magical sunsets and wondrous volcanic landscape and you have planned your trip to the awe-inspiring island of Santorini. Be prepared to be astonished, to experience the most enchanting days and a night to remember at the elegant haven of Canaves Oia!

canaves suite

Wake to the dazzling rays of the sun painting the sea in gold nuances as you enjoy your scrumptious breakfast. Walk through the picturesque streets of Oia, pause for a moment to photograph the imposing Caldera and take a stroll to a beach of your choice. Dive in the crystalline waters of the Aegean and gaze at the stunning scenery.

Oia Santorini

A scenery so incredibly spectacular, that you would want to explore on your own pace and convenience, on foot, on a donkey or on a private luxury yacht. Choose between Alexandros Motor Yacht or Iguana speed boat and sail away to discover the island’s well hidden secrets. Partake in wine tasting sessions and sip on the essence of this island treasure before returning to Canaves luxury hotel in Santorini.

Indulge with pampering spa treatments and let luxury define your retreat and your senses be carried away by the elements of nature while relaxing with a massage by the pool of this enchanting 5 star hotel in Santorini island.


The day holds countless possibilities but the night is what will really make your trip incomparable. As the sun sets, the scenery becomes fairy, ideal for a romantic walk on the beach or a candlelight dinner of gourmet inspirations in one of the amazing luxury suites in Oia Santorini. The sea breeze blends with the dramatic landscape and the flickering lights of the nearby villages create a picture perfect setting.

Canaves Oia Hotel

Let the veil of stars embrace your body and soul as romance enlivens your spirit and what you’ll get is a night to remember!