Awe-Inspiring Wellness at Canaves Oia

  • January 13, 2014
  • News

Canaves_Oia_SpaWellness refers to the proper balance of mind, body and spirit. Awe-inspiring wellness comes when the mind begins to wander, when the body becomes a temple and the spirit awakens…when you reach the fairy world of Canaves Oia.

Allow your mind to indulge in the placidity of nature as you enjoy the fusion of western and eastern spa massage techniques in view of the spell-bounding Caldera.

Revitalize your body with rejuvenating spa therapies and treatments performed by the hotel’s professional therapists in the convenience of your luxury Oia Santorini suite.

Let your spirit shine against the imposing backdrop of the volcanic landscape and the azure of the sea as you revel in pampering and beauty care at the Canaves Spa hotel in Santorini.

Canaves_Oia_SantoriniImmerse in the luxury of wellness and meet your inner self, experience the gastronomic pleasures of fine cuisine, embark on a mouthwatering wine tasting journey and taste the essence of the island, set off on a romantic cruise to the Caldera on a luxury yacht, explore the secrets of Santorini’s heritage and let your senses run free in the land of the Atlantis.

Canaves Oia 5 star hotel offers you the perfect getaway for your spa holidays in Santorini. Plan your pampering escape ahead, it is the least you deserve!