As if time would stop in Santorini


as if

The sky, the sea and you in Santorini, you‘d wish time would stop there and then. Set off your 5 star hotel Santorini and seek the charm hidden in authenticity.
Visit charming towns and settlements blending the authentic local spirit with history, the traditional Cycladic architecture with Medieval manors and Venetian castles.



Enter a past era in Emborio village. The quaint architecture and the genuine spirit of the locals will make you feel back in 1597, at the times of the pirates.


Stroll around the cobbled alleys in Megalochori village. Enjoy the traditional architecture, breathe in the scent of flowers in the tidy, sleek gardens and pleasure the serenity of authentic lifestyle.


For a perfect day ending, sail away into the fiery sunset, until you merge with the golden-coloured waters. Sip the last beams of the sun and taste the secret ingredient of long lasting well being.